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Yesterday I drove the Freeway of Hell to go and visit Alseides. Los Angeles freeways have these things called Accident Investigation Sites (AIS) for people to pull off the freeway and look at the damage to their cars. There's one about every 2 to 5 miles on certain stretches of freeway. This is scary. Because they get a LOT of use. Driving is dangerous. In SoCal, the most common phobia is of driving on freeways. Uh huh.

So, Al showed me UO and tried to convince me to get it, and I showed her the rave info I'd found and tried to convince her to go with me. I admit, I pushed it rather hard. Almost had her for a moment, too, but oh well.... I'll stop pushing, I promise Alseides! She had more luck with me and Ultima Online. Maybe I will get it.... Maybe.

Did a bit of novenusho/kemari (and I SWEAR it's kEmari, not kImari). Got more in the works. Must find my other notes on Hakhei. I have more stuff about Khura and the third generation around here somewhere...

We went to the Tapioca Express. I got a Chocolate Snowball (ice slushie thingee). It had large chewy lumps in it you have to suck up through a very wide straw. Tapioca balls. Weird, but cool. Thanks for taking me Alseides!!!

Then we went to Santa Monica pier and to the beaches. Dug hole in sand, drew ceremonial circle, lit candles, did Goddess stuff, took pictures, had fun. Happy Imbolc!

Oh, and I bought a Kero-chan (from Cardcaptor Sakura) plushie on Thrid Street Promanade! Very cute. For AnimeExpo, Al and I are going to cosplay as the Clow Cards Cloudy and Silent, so we'll need props. Cool, huh?

Today I have to do homework. Mark is kind of upset we aren't going to do our usual Super Bowl tradition of playing Monopoly because mumsie is going to the Getty with her friend. He's taping it, though, so he can torture us next weekend. Rah.

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