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Okies, I just FINALLY managed to catch up on reading my Friends entries. Yeesh, you miss for one little day and things REALLY pile up. I'm scared to look in my inbox.

Remembered to turn on "Enterprise" about thirty minutes in. Oops! Been doing that a lot lately, totally forgot about "Angel" on Monday. Now I'm watching "Glory Days" and "West Wing" at the same time. Which means I'm not writing my paper. Heh. Um....

It's about ethnicity and culture. Specifically, how to I identify myself and how much does my culture affect me. Discussing it with mom has just made me more confused. The *culture* (or rather, sub-culture) I grew up in was science fantasy fandom. Seriously. My parents met at a sci-fi club, my mom was president of a club, my dad had one of the best collections in the US, conventions were normal outings for us, I took my life lessons from the schools of Star Trek and Heinlein. But that won't wash with the professor. So, I can talk about how my ancestors were forced to march the Trail of Tears and live on shitty reservations, or how another set of my ancestors came to America due to famine, but I really have no emotional connection to it. Cultural heritage-wise, I'm screwed. Maybe I can do something with my regional background as a Valley Girl along with my roots in Mississippi? Whatever, I'll think of something.

I was bad yesterday and bought a CD. I'd gone to Best Buy to pick up the new Serious Sam game for Mark's birthday (they didn't have it, those bastards!) and just picked it up. Total impulse buy. Bad Cloudie! *slaps wrist*

Comics I bought today: Young Justice #42, Spider-Girl #44, and Alias #6.

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