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you're getting sleepy, very sleepy....

I just realized that my headache is probably because I forgot to have caffeine today. Well, not forgot really. The vending machine took my money but didn't give me any Mountain Dew in return. Bad machine!

I finished my paper, yay! Still need to do the reading, though. Tomorrow. Yeah.

I've been desperately trying to figure out how to attend APE this weekend, but I don't really think it's possible. First off, it's in San Francisco and I'm in LA. Um. I could drive, NOT! I could fly for only $100 roundtrip, but I'd still have to get a room and money is stuff. I'd want to buy things. Mmmm, comics.... *drool* But!, no money. *sigh* Maybe I COULD drive up, sleep in my car, not buy so much. No, probably not. I'll content myself with ComicCon later this year. But it's so far away!!

Oh, and speaking of ComicCon, I'm going to go ahead and buy my ticket soon. Prices are discounted right now. Alseides, how about you? Oh, and Oshun Anat, are you going to come this year? Or at least to Anime Expo again?

And speaking of Anime Expo, we really have to start making our costumes Alseides. I want to be a GOOD cosplayer!

I'm sleepy. I should go to bed now because I have another long day tomorrow.
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