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Heh, I should update now....

Um, sorry about not commenting on recent Friends posts to lj. Been gone.

Saturday went to tossblack's house to work on cosplay, but ended up doing novenusho and learning a language. Mmm hmmm. Sunday did homework. *sigh* Also, taped various anime shows to give to club and for me, with Mark's help. Today, school again, rah. Straightened out paperwork, but have to go back to Student Services again tomorrow to pay my Lab fees. Bleh. Going to meet with fellow teacher in just a few minutes to go over the curriculum for the first class we're teaching this Wednesday. Scary! I just have to keep telling myself that the 9th graders are more scared of me than I am of them. Riiiiiiiiight, and that was a pig I just saw flying past my window. Will miss the lecture on the L.A. River (such as it is) tonight. Total bummer... NOT! Heheheh, I have a good excuse for not going. More bills. *whimper*

Hm, yes, I should sleep tonight.

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