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I have this theory that if you search long enough, you'll actually find something worth downloading. Yeah, I know, hope springs eternal and all that. Anyway, I do like the following artists...

Thirteen13 - goth rock, electronica, vocals could be better, lyrics are a tad repetitive, but the songs *are* fun (in a dark, dreary kinda way).

Lucid Nation - pop and rock and metal, beautiful vocals, you NEED to listen to "Coyote", when they're good they're REALLY good.

Aeone - alternative and Celtic, wonderful voice, beautiful songs (especially one of my personal favorites "The Woman's Touch").

Red Delicious - alternative, really cool band, listen to all the "Want Me" remixes and "Eden" and "Casualties", great band.

Odor of Pears - goth rock, scary language and subject matter but the lyrics are hard to hear, songs run a bit long, but fun (although only "Joan" and "Cage" and *maybe* "F*ck Christianity" are worth anything).

There's more, but not much. I don't really have much at, even though I take a look there every few months. *sigh* Can anyone point me towards some good download sites?

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