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I've finally checked my e-mail after a week off. Dangerous creatures have spawned in my inbox, causing me to go on a massive deleting spree.

Much fun was had by me today in the company of Oshun. We went to that mini-golf place that you see as you head North on the 101 in Ventura. I've always fancied going there, but never been till now. T'was great fun! I had a dandy time. The sun was shining, the breeze off the ocean was cool, and we left the smog behind in LA. After, we went to the Oaks mall and had lunch at Johnny Rockets. That was fun! We sat at the counter. I'd never been there before, either. Then we toured various stores of grand and lesser import. At a convenient book shop, I bought myself three new novels: "Wild Magic" by Tamora Pierce, "Quincey Morris, Vampire" by P.N. Elrod, and a Witchblade original novel called "Talons" by John DeChancie. We went into Dapy and I got myself a Spider-Man lunchbox! Yay, now I can carry my luncheon to school without fear of it being crushed. We went into Hot Topic, where I made fun of the merchandise, then to Hallmark, where I bought more of Josephine Wall's beautiful card series. Lovely, lovey pictures! The icon for this post is one of hers. On my webpage is a collection of my favorite paintings she has done. It's under the Fantasy Art section. Do check it out!

Last night I rented episodes 1-9 of "Angelic Layer" from my anime club. They're to be played on the computer rather than the television, so that makes them more conveninet. Next time, I'm going to try and rent "My Neighbor Totoro," as Al, the Books of Magic trade Laura gave me, and the first Finder trade have all alluded to it. Should be interesting anyway!

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