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Aztec Astrology

Stolen from eiluned, my natal horoscope for the week, day, and time of my birth.

The day is 10 Ozomatli - Monkey

The sign of Ozomatli is the monkey, who connotes the wild emotional behaviour and the sexual activities associated with it.

The presiding deity is Xochipilli, the god of Spring, flowers and dancing.

The person born on this day will be highly strung and wildly emotional with strong sexual drives. They are very exciting to be with, particularly if you are fond of parties or dancing, but beware of their restlessness if you are a home lover.

They have a tendency to be eccentric of behaviour and wild to the extremes, but a strong romantic nature will make this person irresistible. An awareness of the beautiful things in life could make this person artistically inclined.

The week is 1 Ehecatl - Wind

The presiding deity is Chantico, a goddess of fire but more specifically, of the hearth.

This is a lucky week in which to be born, and a week in which girls born will be especially favoured. People whose birth date falls within this week will be home loving and comfortable to be with, making them an ideal partner for marriage. They will also have a lively and fertile imagination, and a good sense of humour.

Interesting. It contradicts itself, saying that I'm a homebody yet still restless. That could describe me. Every single person on this planet (or off it) embodies a series of contradictions. No one can be fully accounted for by these simple lines. But it was interesting, and new, so I took it, and so should you. Go here:

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