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I love google. I spend an unholy amount of time trying to find a googlewhack. Haven't done it yet. I am in awe of the masters. Soon, though, soon I will be a great googlewhacker!


I spent much time in the Collaboratory today. Reading fic. Reading *explicit* fic and playing Neopets and writing fake papers on linear regression theory. Heh. Then I spent awhile in the research lab entering data. Bleh.

We went to The Elephant Bar for food! Whee! And then to the comics shop. I was bad. I was a consumer. But... but, TRANSMETROPOLITAN! God, I love Spider-fucking-Jerusalem! Yes, I must buy a comic that often revolves around the evils of the media and the government and advertising-driven culture. Ironic, yes?

I have a test tomorrow in Stat Med Psych Res. Yucky. Actually, I'm not too worried. He's letting us use a formula sheet. Yay! And I now know how to use the spiffy special function key on my calculater, which will shorten each problem by about a half a page of figuring. Yippee!!

Why do I suddenly have a social life? How did THAT happen? And why NOW, when I have so much on my plate already? Oh well, par-tay!

My favorite blankey has a hole in it. I've had it since I was a young'un. It was on my bed in my first room at the old house way back when my parents were actually still married. Mum gave it back to me a few years ago, old holes mended with heart-shaped patches. It's kind of threadbare, but I still love the danged thing. I wonder if I can get my mommy to fix it for me.

I think I lie a lot. Mostly polite lies and the like. Ones so people won't feel bad. I mean, I don't lie to my friends or family (a lot), but I do to complete strangers. I'm bad.

And I think I use "...." too much. Do I? I think so....
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