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much of life is grand

One of my mums coworkers bought a whole lot of comics from this second hand goods shop and brought them to work. My mum was particularly impressed with "Silver Surfer." (No clue why.) So she got the address of the shop and convinced me to meet her there after she got off work and I got off school today for some quality mother and daughter bonding time.

I got a stack of VERY cheap older comics. Filled in several holes in my collection of "Robin" (only missing one or two issues now, hehehe). Found that issue of "X-Force" that I've been searching for. Filled in some holes in my "Alpha Flight" collection (all above issue #100). Randomly picked up some issues of "She-Hulk" just for the heck of it, and some other impulse buys.

But that's not the best part. Mum saw an old guitar. She asked me if I wanted it so I could go back to playing without the bother of asking to borrow my sisters guitar. I said sure. She bought it for me. She bought it for me!!!! WOW!!!! COOL!!!! I now own a guitar!!!! It's a bit cracked, but only on the surface and it doesn't interfere with the sound. The strings are new. With some gentle cleaning, it should be good as new! Plus, it came with a case! Wheee! Do you know how long my guitar picks have been sitting in front of my computer, forlorn and unused? Almost two years! But no more! I'll dig out my music and try to regain the callusus on my fingers. Yay! This is so cool. Mum says it's a birthday present (even though my birthday isn't actually for another two months). Happy happy happy HAPPY!

I love my mommy. I want to do something special for my mommy.

Ah, I also went to the Comics Club at my school for the first time today. It wasn't exactly what I was expecting. The primary focus of the club is MAKING comics. These people are not just fans. Most of them are Art majors. If I can write and draw a 6 to 8 page comic by April 5th, they'll include it in the compendum they're publishing. *squints* How did I come to agree to do this? I can't even draw all that well!! Oh well, it'll be fun.

Went to Anime Club tonight. Whee, fun and funny!

Oh, and I did manage to finish my paper last night, although I had to stay up rather late to do so. However, when I tried to print the danged thing, my (ancient) printer fitzed out on me. This morning I woke up Mark so he could fix it for me. Thank you, Mark!!!

But I'm tired now, and I have to get up early tomorrow to watch the kids, so I'm going to go to sleep now. This was a great day. Good night all!

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