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Sassafras is good for the soul.

Wow, I'm finally on the computer again after missing TWO WHOLE DAYS! Whew! Heh. Read Friends posts and commented and deleted a whole bunch of e-mail.

Quiz in Intercult Coms today and midterm in Geology. Back at the beginning of the semester, I had scheduled in a webpage design workshop for myself that begins today. I ditched it. I wanted to come home. But to make myself feel a bit better, I FINALLY filled out all the accident report forms and mailed them off to the insurance company and the DMV. Whew! Now I just have to straighten out the credit card thing, pay the library fines, cancel my doctors appointment (again), find my sister a birthday present, write up my Folklore collections, study for more midterms, buy some clothes without holes in them, and make up handouts for the class I'm teaching. *sigh*

Mum is pushing me to do a new Renaissance Faire costume this year. She forgets that I can't sew. She forgets that I don't have money. She forgets that I've already got my hands full with my costume for AX. And I might not even go this year (but, but, it's the REN FAIRE). And what's wrong with the old stuff anyway?

I went to sisty-ugler's house after classes yesterday to photograph some of her quilts and to interview her as part of my Folklore collection. Wonderful when you can find folkart in your own family, eh? She does amazing work, too. Her kids also let me borrow all four Harry Potter books. Yes, I've decided to finally read them. So now they're in my stack of things-to-read. It's quite a large stack. Um, I may not get to them before the next book comes out... heh. *sweatdrop*

Chris has missed the last three classes, although he was there for Anime on Friday. Think I scared him off when I said I didn't want to date him? Ah well, we'll see if he's there tomorrow.

Made a stupid mistake while entering data into SPSS10 in the lab yesterday. Wasted half an hour trying to figure out what was wrong and made myself look stupid when I finally went and asked a handy professor who actually teaches that program. Oy!

Spent, like, FIVE HOURS reading for classes these last few days. Sheesh, I never ever ever want to fall behind again. It ain't worth it!

Now I'm going to play with my poor neglected Neopets and then do some homework, maybe take a nap, maybe go to the library and the comics shop.

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