The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

COMic books, I fell in love with COMic books...

Next week, on "Smallville": LANA GETS A PERSONALITY!

Damn, those meteor rocks can do ANYTHING. Heh.

Okay, loving Lex here, hating Chloe, and what exactly did the Luthors do to Pete's family?

And... SPIDER-MAN commercial! Woo hoo! "You're not Superman..." heheheheheheheh. If only old Aunt May knew. (Actually, she does know now. In "The Amazing Spider-Man" #476 [or if you want to go with the stupid new renumbering, #35] she found out. All of issue #479 is dedicated to Peter and May talking about it. Very nice.)

And a Blade commercial, too. Love comics!

Also loved tonights Buffy. Ooooooh, evil Joss for putting that twist in at the end. It was predictable, but fun nonetheless. And Paranoid!Jonothan is cute!

Speaking of comics, I bought some tonight. "Little Gloomy" issues 1 to 3. Very cute! Like it a lot. I'm thinking of trying out the other goth-flavored comics such as "Scary Miss Mary" and "Gloomcookie" too. But I'm still staying with the mainstays -- new issue of "Powers," "Young Justice," and "Spider-Girl." Had to restrain myself from buying the new "Transmetropolitan" trade. I'll get it though... someday...

And when is "Strangers in Paradise" coming out? Seems like its been awhile. Maybe tomorrow? Hmmm.

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