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"ee's a fookin' liability!"

What's more boring than a DOD meeting? A DOE meeting. Let me explain. I used to work for the DOD (that's the United States Department of Defense to you, bub). We had these conferences where the whole command (well, the Southern Californian bits anyway) got together to yammer away at their employees. INCREDIBLY fucking boring!!! But tonight I have experienced something worse. To earn some school credit, I went to a public DOE (Department of Energy) meeting on the impact of the radiation and chemicals released by the Santa Susana Field Laboratory (where they test the Space Shuttle Main Engines -- every few months we get these long, loud engine firings) on the environment and the community. Except for the angry sick people, that was the most boring few hours of my life. I snuck out early because I couldn't take it anymore. Whew!


So, today I also spent a few hours entering data for my research group. I also made up a nifty handout for my class. Speaking of the class, today was fun. Just a few minutes before the dissmissal bell was supposed to ring, the extemely hard winds we had today knocked the power out. Fortunately, I'd already passed out their homework. Heh. The kids were kinda pissed it didn't happen earlier in the day, seeing as this was the last class. Boo hoo.

Also talked to Folklore professor about sisty's quilts. She really liked them. Yay! Now I just have to write up the collection and turn it in on Friday.

I watched "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels" with Mark this evening. Funny funny movie! Yeesh!

And I bought more comics today, including that "Transmetropolitan" trade I was jonesing over yesterday. Heh, gotta get my Spider fix...

I got most of the pink out of my clothes, but I SO need to buy myself some new clothes, especially pants. I'm going to have to break down and go *shudder* clothes shopping. Oh, the horror.

Started practising on my new guitar a bit today. It's amazing how much I've forgotten. And my calluses are all gone. Hmmm, hopefully I can sign up for another class soon. That'll get met to actually play the thing.

And finally, for some strange reason I've been really cheerful today. My moods shift as fast as the wind blows, and when it's blowing down powerlines and trees out there, that's pretty fast.

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