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birthdays at Citywalk

Last night I took tossblack to my Anime Club with me. Yay, she liked it! Wheeeee! Anime good.

Today I went to Universal Citywalk to celebrate the birthdays of my sister and my mother. I had fun! But mom drove us, and I was scared. Her driving is highly agressive, while I'm more of the "give-people-lots-of-room-and-drive-sedately-so-they-won't-kill-me" type. We picked up my cousin and she said it was like I was the mother and she the daughter, what with me telling her to slow down and not get so close and stuff. Yes, I have become a control freak. Next time, I drive.

Anyway, everyone met up at Buca di Beppo's for a family-style Italian dinner. That means that we order three big entrees for all nine of us who came and share them between us because the portions are so big. Was fun! Mom baked and brought a cake and had the restaurant serve it to us. Yummy.

Then we walked around all the shops. It's Citywalk, after all, you can't leave without doing that. Today was very nice and clear, barely any smog so you could see across the Valley, but it was a bit cold.

I had guingel's post about t-shirts on the mind and when I saw some I liked, I bought them. Yay! I got one from Natural Wonders with Murphey's Law and some correlaries on it. I also got three from Things From Another World: cute X-Babies (the X-Men chibified), the one of Morpheus with the key to hell, and one with the multi-armed chick from "The Last Beacon of Sanity" at on it. Very very cool. I got new shirts, yay! I also got a new ring for my middle finger. :-)

I took a nap when I got home and now I'm up. Oh, and my father called. We're going to do dinner on Thursday. Joy. Now I'm going to go catch up on reading my webcomics...

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