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Starkiller did this so I feel compelled to do so as well

Current Clothes: Black jeans, black ass-kicker mens boots, grey Sequential Tart t-shirt (the one with the chick dressed in a school uniform holding a knife), black socks, white underwear, black bra, my two Athena rings, a Celtic earcuff, my watch, and my ever-present chain/braclett thingee.
Current Mood: Relieved that midterms are over, plus a bit guilty for doing this instead of entering data.
Current Music: The clickity-clack of about two hundred keyboards, plus faint strains from the discman of the chick sitting at the computer next to me.
Current Taste: Taste? Mmmm, Mountain Dew-y goodness.
Current Hair: Twin braids hanging down to my boobs, done with blue bands. Two bobbi pins. A black headband to hold my glasses on my face. And it's not dyed rainbow colors (yet).
Current Annoyance: Allergies. I haven't taken my drugs yet today, so I can't really breathe through my nose. Sucks.
Current Smell: Since my nose is closed up, I can't smell either.
Current Thing I Ought To Be Doing: Data entry for my research group.
Current Desktop Picture: Well, I'm not at my computer, but if I remember correctly it's the chibi me that tossblack drew.
Current Favorite Artist: Alseides Tossblack, Fujiwara YowKow, Josephine Wall.
Current Favorite Group: Group of what? Muscians? That seems likely. Um, Single Gun Theory, Thrill Kill Kult, Vibrolux.
Current Book: I've finally started reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone!!! But I'm also in the middle of a couple of vampire novels.
Current DVD In Player: Not sure. Possibly the Vangelis Mission to Mars concert.
Current Color Of Toenails: Toenail colored.
Current Refreshment: Mountain Dew.
Current Worry: Not much of anything right now. I'm a little anxious about jury duty on Monday.
Current Crush: *sigh*
Current Favorite Celebrity: Huh. Dunno. The Dali Lama? Cher? Professor Severus Snape? Oh oh, I know! Starkiller!

You Touched: Oro? Uh, okay, that's pretty pathetic. I can't remember.
You Talked to: The girl I sit behind of in Folklore.
You Hugged: My father. Yesterday as we parted after dinner.
You Instant Messaged: Haven't in awhile. But even then I only did it to Oshun, Al, and Laura. I guess I should do that more often...
You Yelled At: Other drivers on the freeway. Grr.
You Had A Crush On: *sigh*
Who Broke Your Heart: *sigh!*

Food: Chicken. But my favorite cookies are orange Milanos! And they just came out with new raspberry Milanos and they're pretty good, too.
Drink: ...Mountain Dew. I'm seeing a pattern here.
Colour: Green
Shoes: I like my Mary Janes and my lace-up high-healed taped-together-with-electrical-tape boots. Oh, and all my shoes are black.
Candy: Sassafras! But I also adore those yummy Cadbury cream eggs that only come out around Easter.
Animal: Dunno. Dogs I guess.
TV Show: The Incredible Hulk, Due South, Highlander: The Series, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, the animated Spider-Man cartoon, Smallville, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Babylon 5, VR.5, Homicide: Life on the Streets, Law & Order (plus SVU), Star Trek (Next Gen and DS9), Northern Exposure, Brimstone, et cetera.
Movie: Dune, Victor Victoria, Show People, The FBI Story, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Groundhog Day, The Shawshank Redemption, Hackers, White Dwarf, et cetera.
Dance: Yes.
Song: There are many songs I love.
Vegetable: Corn.
Fruit: Apple.

Understanding: Yes.
Open-minded: Yes.
Arrogant: In certain areas.
Insecure: Sometimes.
Interesting: I'd like to think so.
Hungry: Not at the moment. Give me another two hours.
Friendly: Yes.
Smart: Yes.
Moody: Not really. I can't maintain depression.
Childish: Reading comics doesn't make me childish, right?
Independent: None of us are ever truly independent. Our societies shape us. (That's my Sociology classes talking, by the way. Yes, I consider myself independent, but not functionally.)
Organized: Perhaps. To a degree I am, but not in some things.
Healthy: Mostly.
Emotionally Stable: Yes.
Shy: Not particularly. Well... maybe. In certain situations.
Difficult: I can be. I'm awfully stubborn.
Attractive: If I make an effort. If I smile I'm a bit cute. ^_^
Bored Easily: I can usually find something to fill my time.
Messy: When in a hurry or busy, yes. And I don't like to dust.
Thirsty: Mmmm, Mountain Dew...
Responsible: Yes.
Obsessed: In in an unhealthy way.
Angry: I get over it somewhat quickly. Or sometimes it can be a constant, low-level emotion directed at certain people.
Sad: Sometimes.
Happy: Sometimes.
Trusting: Not really.
Ill: No.
Talkative: Well, I'm not a silent wallflower, but I don't gab on and on.
Different: No.
Unique: Yes.
Ignored: Sometimes.
Content: For the most part, yes.
Optimistic: Usually.
Deep thinker: Yes.
Self-disciplined: Um, maybe?
Sleepy: About once a day. ~_^
Lonely: On certain occasions, but not often.

Kill: I think it's treason, so I shan't say it.
Slap: What's the use in a little slap? Beat to a bloody pulp, but just slap?
Look Like: Me.
Be Like: Some great author.
Talk To Offline: A whole bunch of people.

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