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This is going to sound weird. There's this anime that my club watches called "Initial D" and it's about road racers. Yes, it's about fast cars and drivers with nerves of steel. Doesn't really sound like my cup of tea, does it? But I like it. Really. At first I didn't, but now I've really gotten into it. Let me explain...

I drive like an old woman. Seriously, I'm an extremely careful driver. I get terribly nervous while driving, and even scared when I'm a passenger. I would never ever ever drive like they do in "Initial D." But... it's just so pulse-pounding exciting! I'm on the edge of my seat at every scary turn in the race. I get these adrenaline surges at particularly tense moments. It's awesome!

I think this anime generates the most excitement for me because it's REAL. Yeah, mecha and sword fights are cool, but I have experience with neither. However, I drive every day and am often frightened by some moron cutting me off or tailgating me. This show leaves me breathless because it's within my experiences, just taken to the extreme. So I like that show, even though it's totally not my usual style.

So this is a recommendation for "Initial D." Check it out. It may take a few episodes to get into, but it really is cool. Plus, the music video that serves as the ending credits is just so ultimately weird that it's worth watching the show for.

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