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jury duty is booooooooriiiiiiiiiing..........

Brain. Numb. From sheer. Boredom.

Actually, I'm better now. Yesterday was just a totally wasted day. I managed to finish some books, though. Sat outside the assembly room and read. Sat inside and tried to put together a puzzle. Sat around the court house talking to people. Sat in my car during breaks listening to music. Sat in anticipation as they called names. *sigh* Just... really boring.

Whatever. Beautiful dog was wandering down the middle of the freeway yesterday morning, causing all traffic to slow. I want to know what happened to it. Oh, and sisty-ugler paid an unexpected visit yesterday. She's taking horse riding lessing. Cool. Not my thing (since I'm allergic to horese, and hay) but she's having fun.

This morning I ran some errands but now I have nothing to do for the whole day. Ah, bliss!
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