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I'm Delight!
Which Member of the Endless Are You?

Okay, I cheated just a wee little bit on that one, but seriously, do I seem like the Destiny type? Harumph.

Oh, and anyone who likes Lord of the Rings and slash and laughter needs to go to cassieclaire's journal. Heh. Oh man...

I have developed a completely unexpected fascination with Severus Snape. This is very odd. I like Snape. Draco, Harry, and Ron are okay, and I really like Hermione, but Snape is totally the best! I'm weird, lets just leave it at that.

This is also funny. Poor Hedwig! (And why are there so many people out there so much more witty than I?)

I went to the movies today and saw The Time Machine. Good movie! I liked it, although it seemed a bit short. I wanted more.

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