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The Cloudtrader Speaks

I've been having the damndest time getting on LJ for the last two days. Grrr.

First day back to classes. Ho hum. Forgot my Intercult Coms textbook at home, went into the quiz without it, did fine anyway.

I have a new CD!!! One hundred and sixty-seven of my favoritist songs, all nice and shiny, ready to be played in my .mp3 player. Yay! I could listen to music for *day*....

Tomorrow I get to teach about the stupidity of homophobia to my class. Rah. We've already touched on the subject briefly and I was not encouraged by their responses. Still, these kids are awfully broad-minded, there is hope. I wonder if I'm making any difference at all?

My Barnes&Noble order finally shipped. I should be getting "Banana Fish" volume 6 and "Cardcaptor Sakura" volume 6 any day now. Yay! I also went to the comics shop today and picked up a few titles.

I Am
Celtic Goddess of Justice.
I like hurting evil people and arrogant teenage guys. I also like truth and equality and am probably involved in some hopeless yet noble cause.
What Celtic Goddess are You?
Quiz by Aoibhell

Interesting. Good thing I'm a Criminology major, eh? I like hurting arrogant teenage guys... heh. Ooooooooooookay.

And now:

Well... I, um, don't really remember. My first online name was derived from the show "Babylon 5". My next was just a random thing I made up to fool a friend of mine (*waves at Oshun*). Uh, the Cloudtrader is actually a character in my head... sort of an author avatar, I guess. Sometimes, I place the character in a certain universe. Sometimes the Cloudtrader is called Veil. Sometimes the Cloudtrader is male, sometimes female, most often genderless. Here's something I once wrote about this character:

The origins of the Cloudtrader are shrouded in the mists of time. The Cloudtrader has always been here, forever wandering, bringing strange new wonders from the furthest corners of the world. The Cloudtrader is a being of indeterminate gender, surrounded in secrets. Kings and paupers alike have been graced with the presence of this most mysterious being. The Cloudtrader comes with the morning fog to trade exotic wares and is gone by the time the sun burns through. Generations may pass before the Cloudtrader returns, unchanged, seemingly immortal. Who and what is this strange being? The ancient Celts believed the Cloudtrader to be an exiled faerie. Japanese folklore describes the Cloudtrader as a nine-tailed fox spirit who forsook Heaven. Navajo tradition holds that the Cloudtrader was once human and was transformed by the Trickster into a perpetual wanderer. The ancient Greeks thought that the Cloudtrader was one of the defeated Titans who had escaped the wrath of the Olympians and wandered the world in despair. For the ancient Egyptians, the Cloudtrader was a servant of Nut, the sky-goddess, or possibly her sixth child. The ancient Persians believed the Cloudtrader to be one of those made immortal through the haoma ritual by Yima the Splendid. To the Hindus, the Cloudtrader is an avatara of Aditi, the ever-young mother of the Sun and Moon. For some Indonesians, the Cloudtrader is the last child of Rangi and Papa, the Sky and Earth, created just before the gods forcibly seperated them. The Bushmen of Africa believe that the Cloudtrader is a sorcerer who was caught by an evil spirit and forced to wander, forever alone. For many of the Peoples of the Book, the Cloudtrader is a demon. Stories of the Cloudtrader are found on every continent, among every people. Which belief is right? Is any of them? Perhaps all of them are. All that is known of the Cloudtrader (also called the Mistwalker or Child of the Sky) is that he/she is always alone and always wandering.

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