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mmmm, chicken flour taquitos....

Well, yesterday I taught my last class. Aww, I'm going to miss the little basta-, um, I mean, the little angels. I gave them candy. *sigh* Oh well...

I finally mailed off my registration for Anime Expo and Comic-Con. Oh, and I signed up for the Writing Skills Requirement test, because Psychology majors have to take it before getting into any 400-level courses (And we're the only major that does. I wonder why?).

I'm going to dye my hair rainbow colors. It's decided. (But I've also decided to get a tattoo and I haven't yet, so...)

I'm enjoying Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban MUCH more than the second book. Oooh, and I read this wonderful fanfic! Gen, set post-GoF, focus on Draco, Harry a bit out-of-character, but understandably so. Pretty webpage design, too.

This makes me want to read the Vlad Taltos books again, even though I agree with everyone in saying how horrid those pictures are.

Banana Fish!

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