The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

ah, my fifth post today... i feel so sordid...

And it's a survey. Slippery slope, friends, slippery slope.

Do you like your name/ever considered changing it? In second grade I wanted to be named Crystal.
Birthday? The day after Mexican Independence Day.
Star sign? Taurus.
Height? Five feet, eight inches.
Are you regular? Do you really want to know?
Can you drive? Yes. And I can do it better than most people, too.
Did you collect stickers as a kid? Which ones? What do you mean, "as a kid"? I still do....
What's your ultimate ambition (realistic or unrealistic?) I want to help colonize space. Is that too unrealistic? *sigh*
At what point do you think your excitement will peak during the next seven days? Guh, the weekend? Dunno.
Have you ever committed semi-serious fraud? I forged my parents signatures in high school.
Ever jumped off anything that was just a bit too high? No, I've just thought about it.
Ever cried over a pop star? No.
As an adult? No.
Ever realized you were being watched doing something embarrassing? Horrible embarassment. Just... horrible. No, I'm not sharing.
Have you ever been allowed to touch something more valuable than your house? My family, my friends; they're more valuable than any house could ever be.
Have you ever fallen over in the nettles? Don't know if I've ever even seen nettles.
Did any of the following frighten you as a child?

- The laughing at the end of 'Rentaghost' (for international readers, insert any children's programme which was supposed to be harmless, but was in fact, scary as shit): Only two movies ever scared me as a child and they were both geared toward adults.
- Clowns: No.
- 'The Count' from Sesame Street: No.
- 'Worzel Gummidge' (for international readers, insert scarecrows): No.
- Any characters from 'Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory': No.
- Footage from the punk era: No.
- Dogs: I have been scared of individual dogs, but not dogs in general.
- 'It's My Party And I'll Cry If I Want To': Ack! EVIL SONG! DESSF!
- Mum-ra from 'Thundercats': Never watched it.
- Women in big sunglasses?: No.
- If none of the above, what?!?!?! I was scared of cars as a child. Used to have nightmares about driving. And I'm now creeped out by cockroaches (due to that episode of "The X-Files"... *shudder*)

How old were you when you found out there was no Santa? But Santa is real. He's at the mall every year.
And how about the tooth fairy? The tooth faeire is real. See: Neopets.
And how about RuPaul being a man? RuPaul is a MAN!?! Heh.

When was the last time you properly saw the sea? When I didn't have to wear glasses to correct my vision. So that means... hmm, the late 80's.
Have you tried absinthe? No.
If you could read ONE person's mind, who's would it be? Hmmm.
Are big bums good? Good in what sense?
Ever experienced 'pleasure/pain'? No comment.
Can you do impressions? Who? I can do the speach Methos makes in "Comes A Horseman," complete with accent and gestures, but I don't actually sound like him. And I can do Scotty, but only when giggly.
When did you last vomit? Oh gee, nice question. A long time ago.
What's your mobile phone ring? Groovy Blues.
Do you think your mobile phone tone says anything about you? It says "Live long and prosper!" when I turn it on, so that makes it obvious I'm a Trekkie.
Choose anyone dead or alive to go on a dinner date with: Jimmy Stewart, cause, geez, it's JIMMY STEWART. You know he'd treat you right.
Worst mistake you ever made? I'm too young to dwell on regrets.
If there was NOTHING before the big bang happened, what is NOTHING? An imagination-destroying force.
Is the universe infinite? Space is infinite / Without ending / All within it / Just beginning
What's the meaning of life? I will not say the obvious answer. I've never even read those books!
Are you depressed after reading/considering/answering the last three questions? No.

Ask yourself a question of your choice - what's the answer? Maybe.
Are you a jealous person? I'm not proud of it, but yes.
Ever got something stuck up your nose/in your ear? I got a marble stuck in my eye as a kid.
Do you straighten out ruffled rugs/wonky pictures? No, I'm only anal retentive about straitening chairs and desks.
Last time you were chucked out of a class/pub/club/bar/off a bus/out of a sporting event? Reason? Um, I was chucked out of class once in fifth grade for blowing my nose.
Ever been arrested? Yes.
Who sent this survey to you/who did you steal it from? Marvelgirl.
Do you know what they look like/know their real name? No.
How long have you known them? Dunno. Not long. Don't really know her, actually.
Do you get on with them/would you get on with them in real life? Probably not.

Have you ever panicked on a beach? I almost drowned once, but my sister saved me.
Have you ever panicked in the snow? Never seen enough snow to get panicked about it.
Robotics or breakdancing? Huh?

Where do you really want to go? Traveling around the world!
Who shot JR? I don't give a flying fuck.
What's the first word you can think of? Ribbon.
And again? Renoir.

What will you be doing this time, ten years in the future? Breathing, hopefully.
How many fillings do you have? Um, four (I think).
Do you wallow in self-pity? No.
Do you play guilt trips? No.
Does money make people happy? It can't hurt.
Do you have any really irrational beliefs? All my beliefs are perfectly rational, from my perspective. Society has something else to say.
Do you know who Jimmy Corkhill is? No clue.
Was the last question really unfair on non-English people? Dunno.
Make up a limerick now, or tell me a secret:
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
If I told you a secret,
I'd have to shoot you.

Fuck the corporate world, biyatch!

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