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I must have accidently cursed myself with that last post about commuting being a punishment. On my way home from school, a contractor's pick-up truck in front of me lost it's ladder onto the road. Yikes! And then later on in the trip, the car in front of me suddenly blew out a tire and had to swerve off the road. And then this guy scares the living daylights out of me by weaving in and out of traffice behind and in front of me (and DAMN close to me) doing like 90mph.

So I get home, exhausted, and collapse for a nice nap. Then the neighbors ring by and say I've left my car lights on. Huh? I check it out. My rear break lights are on. They won't go off. I jiggle the breaks, turn everything on and off, and finally pull the spark plugs out. Nothing works. So I call the Nissan service, they tell me to come in, I go out to my car and everything is working normally. I go to the service place anyway and they say it was probably just the lever under the break pedal getting stuck. Well, duh! Grr...

So I didn't get my nap today. I'm tired. I'm too tired to write my report for Intercult Coms that is due tomorrow. Oh well, it's optional anyway. Dad says to drop on by between classes tomorrow (I have a 6 hour break between my 11pm class and my 7pm class... I usually go home but if I have to go see him I won't be able to...) so he can lubricate the joint or something so my breaklights hopefully won't stick again. Rah.

Got comics, though. Robin #101, Strangers in Paradise #49, Marmalade Boy #5 (don't laugh, dammit!), Powers #19, Birds of Prey #42, and Captain Marvel #31. Wheeeeeee, big haul! (I didn't get the newest Rising Stars because frankly, the series is somewhat depressing and I've lost interest. Sorry Al!)

I'm doing my big cultural studies paper on Inuit communication patterns and social behaviors. I could have chosen any culture really, but I thought this one would be pretty cool (heh, I made a pun...) and the library had a couple of promising books. Did some heavy research and I feel I'll have enough material to flesh out an 8 page paper. Plus, I'm hoping that the culture I've chosen will be original. Oh, and I'd be lying to say that watching Due South has nothing to do with my choice...

On Friday, my Environmental Geology class is going on a field trip to a waste water treatment plant. Uh... yay? Also, I'm getting responsibility for the care and feeding of Angel while mum and Mark visit the Grand Canyon for the weekend. I can handel a dog (famous last words). Ah, I'll do fine; it was okay when I took care of her while they were in DC last year. Then on Saturday I'm taking my Writing Profiency Reqirement exam, and also hopefully going to some cultural event so I can turn in yet another paper in Intercult Coms. Whew, full load!

It's getting down to crunch time. Papers due, finals and other exams to study for, my data entry project has to be speeded up so the grad students can complete thesis work. Stress is a wonderful thing.

Check it out, man! Are you a villain?

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