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Bad Dick!

So so tired. Long freakin' day.

Brake lights were stuck on again. Scary. Went to dad's house and he un-sticked them. Hopefully. I shall now take this opportunity to list all the problems my car has ever had (that I can remember, there might be more).

stalled all the time (fixed)
bad starter (fixed)
bad brakes (fixed)
radio that turns on and off and switches channels randomly (still a problem)
window that won't close properly unless you physically push it into place (still a problem)
leaky wiper fluid tank (still a problem)
rear wiper broken (fixed)
rear-view mirror fell off (sort of fixed)
strange and annoying rattles and shaking (a problem)
freaky gas gauge that doesn't show the correct amount in the gas tank (still a problem)
can't unlock passenger side door with the key (a problem)
window shot out and fixed with duct tape (fixed)
drivers door panel coming off (a problem)
brake lights stuck on (hopefully fixed)

My car's name is Dick.


Bad headache this afternoon. I still have a bit of it. Ouchie. Went to neighborhood library and Carl's Jr. with my pops. Went to Criminology class tonight. Did you know that in feudal times in England the lord of a shire appointed someone called a reeve to keep the peace? Shire Reeve = Sheriff. So properly, it was the Shire Reeve, not the Sheriff, of Nottingham. Bet you didn't know that. Bet you don't care.

Never seen Rent. I don't like live performances because I alway think something will go wrong. Even movies can be hard for me. I don't like embarassment, even fictionally. Al can tell you that I actually ran out of a movie once because of this. But still, Laura made it and I took it. Don't know who I am.

Which RENT character are you?

Click here to find out!

Very tired. Sleep now.

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