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Mum and Mark are back from the Grand Canyon and Angel is happy to be back in the loving hands of her owner. Cool pictures. Mum bought me a gorgeous Hopi sand painting. I used to do a lot of sand art, but I've gotten out of the habit. I still have all my colored sands though. Maybe I'll start doing stuff with it again.

They told me about this episode of Futurama they just saw that was a spoof of Star Trek. Sounded hilarious! Wish I'd seen it.

I have organized my pile of unread comics by ones I want to read first. I haven't been reading them much since the semester began. I'm taking so many units that I barely have time to think, let alone read comics! (Notice that doesn't stop me from spending time on the internet. Um...)

I wonder when the next volume of "Banana Fish" is coming out? I need my Ash and Eiji fix!
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