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Ah, so cute, so cute! I like Angelic Layer! I just watched episodes 5 through 9. I like. ^_^ (Poor Oogato. Icchan-san punishes him really *ahem* creatively...)

Today, I finally finished entering all that data I've been working on for the past ten weeks. Yay! Over ten thousand data points... and it's all done! Woo hoo! Now I just have to like, help analyze it. Yippee!

One of my favorite episodes of Babylon 5 was on today and I got to watch it. And I watched an episode of Earth: Final Conflict, a show that I like but rarely catch any more. (Mark makes fun of me for watching it. He calls it the mime show. Grr.)

OOoohh, and I've found ten whole books to use for my paper on Inuit communication patterns. My cultural events paper is due tomorrow (I should start writing that...) and my last collection project is due on Friday. Whee, busy bee me!

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