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lookee ma, I socially interacted-ed!

Well, I woke up an hour late this morning. My alarm failed to ring. When I saw the time I bolted out of bed with an "oh shit!" and completed the fastest morning getting-ready-to-go ritual I've ever done. Got to school in time. Go me.

Analysis was BORING. The professor is such a ditz. Folklore was good, though. We started our discussion of American Gods today. Wheee! Then I spent some time in the library trying to find resources for my folklore out of context paper. I've decided to write about how traditional mythology has been reimagined into modern comics. Then I stoped by the research offices and got snagged into helping out with a bunch of messed up surveys. Went to Stats Med Psych Res, where the prof finally finished -- after three lecture periods! -- this one problem. Scary math. Then I went back to the research offices to help more and had fun talking with the other assistants and the grad students.

Stoped by the comics shop on the way home. Picked up "JLA" and "Deadpool." Got home to find a message waiting for me. A friend I don't see too often has invited me to a birthday party for another friend. Next Saturday. Which just happens to be my birthday. Heh. I already have plans though... We talked on the phone for a long time. After, I took myself to the Borders to read some of the new Laurell K. Hamilton book. Got about half way through.

A good day, overall.

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