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Happy Birthday To Me!

Well, that's it folks, I'm 21. Woo hoo!

So, to recap my birthday weekend. After school on Friday I went to Borders to pick up a present for April and then went to her birthday bash/pool party. I got prezzies, too! Tsarina gave me a mens work shirt with the GTE logo on it, Tori gave me a Star Wars coloring book, and Ginny gave me a Cardcaptors sticker book and volume 4 of Clover by CLAMP. Yay! I left early to have dinner with mom and Mark at an Italian restaurant. Then I went to my Anime Club. Whee, anime! I was invited to watch an Initial D-style street race through Topanga Canyon at 2am, but I was tired and went home instead. I kind of wish I'd gone, even though road racing is like, totally illegal and dangerous and scary. But still sort of cool...

Saturday, I went to see Spider-Man. GOOD MOVIE! I liked. Yay! Ate Greek food and watched anime with Al. Al also spiffied up my livejournal for me. Puuuuuuuuurrrrrrrty. For my birthday, Alseides gave me a pretty bracelet and volumes 3-5 of Yami no Matsuei in Japanese. I have translations from the internet so I can read them. Or, I can just look at the pretty pictures, too. Heh. Mom gave me a guitar (!!!!HAPPY!!!!) and a stack of old comics. My father paid for my ticket to Comic Con. Mark gave me 21 dollars. I also got some silly putty, a lightsaber keychain, a Spider-Man bobble-head (scary), and a plushie of Winnie the Pooh with a frog on his head (??? I think the frog is sucking out Winnie's brains...).


Today I have to *sigh* work on all those papers I have due next week. Ho hum.

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