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Fanfic or Homework, THAT is the Question!

Fuck fuckity fuck fuck. I've been gnashing my teeth over this paper I've been writing (well, procrastinating over) tonight thinking it's due tomorrow, but I finally checked the due date and it's acutally due Thursday! Grr. But... yay! I can go to sleep now! Or read more fanfic with a clear conscious (except for, you know, the other four papers due this week and the little matter of all those readings I have to get through before finals). I also checked the suggested length and it's supposed to be longer than I thought. *sigh*

I have become absolutely addicted to Snape stories, by the way. I'm even reading complete drek. But I've also found some really good stuff! This one Hermione/Severus story comes to mind. Ah, and my OFC love interest for Snape is coming along nicely. Not TOO blatantly Mary Sue-ish, I hope. Hehehe. Um... this particular fanfic will never be written, so it's okay. Really. Oh, and I've been getting these really strange flashes of a Punk!Hermione with butchered dyed hair, sparkly dark nails, black lipstick, and a spiked collar (I'm picturing something like Rachael, codename Phoenix, from the X-Men spinoff team, Excalibur -- which was, appropriately, a British superhero team). Yes, I think it's time for me to stop reading the fanfic and go to sleep.

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