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That first line of fic thingee going around...

Okay, the first lines of some of the fanfic I've written. What is this supposed to say about me as a writer again?

Aheja - The symbol was the first thing Blair Sandburg saw as he walked inside the bedroom.
--Heheh, this was my werewolves-in-The Sentinel-universe story. Yes, Blair is the werewolf.

Alien - When he's being honest with himself, he knows it's not love.
--Clark Kent is an alien.

Of Myths and Men - “Well, huh, that was unexpected.”
--Oooh, starting off my The Titans/Hercules and Xena universe crossover with dialogue. Dick Grayson is the king of understatement. Heh.

Bad Xan, No Biscuit! - When Giles took his glasses off and rubbed his eyes, things were about to go bad. When he took his glasses off, rubbed his eyes, and then shook his head, it was really bad. When he took his glasses off, rubbed his eyes, shook his head, and sighed, it was like, Apocalypse-bad. With growing terror, Willow, Tara, Anya, Spike, Buffy, and Riley watched as Giles took his glasses off, rubbed his eyes, shook his head, sighed, *and* massaged his temples while muttering under his breath.
--I like the whole first paragraph, dammit! You don't get the whole effect with just the first sentence.

A Treat For My Sweet - Spike watched with amusement as Buffy played with the chains binding Willow.
--This is the sequel to the above story. And it includes bondage. (As you can tell right from the first sentence.)

It Was Fraser, In Chicago, With The Knife - "Oh, come on Frase! Yer drivin’ me nuts!" Stanley Ray Kowalski wailed.
--Oooooh, Frustrated!Ray with dialect-speak. One of my earliest fics in one of my favoritest fandoms. ^_^

Feelin' Kinda Blue - “What’s wrong now, Criton?” Aeryn Soong asked the man from Earth impatiently.
--You know, there really aren't enough Farscape fics out there.

Boy Wonders - Finally, he was alone.
--That doesn't actually say much, does it? This is the first sentence to the story I co-wrote with Casey in the DC universe involving Tim Drake/Dick Grayson slash set during Sins of Youth.

It's All Good With the Angst and the Chaos and Stuff - He was looking for Willow. So, in a sense, it was all her fault. No, that was unfair. Buffy had sent him in search of Willow, so it was really all Buffy’s fault. But then again, if Anya hadn’t insisted that they had to get out of bed this moring to make money, he wouldn’t have been around for Buffy to ask him to find Willow, so it was Anya’s fault. But if he hadn’t been born, then it never would have happened in the first place, so it was all his parents fault. Yeah, that worked. Children were always blaming their parents for the screw-ups in their lives, so that theory had to have some merit. Right.
--Another one where you need the whole first paragraph to get the full effect.

Lonely As A Cloud - I don't know why they stay in my thoughts so.
--The Marvel Comics character Cloud (who in no way has anything to do with my name, right, uh huh) talks to someone about his/her two lost loves, Moondragon and Iceman. Inspired by my favorite William Wordsworth poem.

Watching - I go back there sometimes. Nobody knows. The people I loved, my friends, the lost pieces of my soul . . . I don’t drop in and say hi. But I do watch them. I can’t help it.
--Sequel to the above story, Cloud again. Feel the angst, people!

Life Lessons Through Comics or Xander Does DC - It started simply enough, with what should have be a perfectly harmless obsession.
--My Buffyverse/DC Comics crossover. One of my favorites, this is. 'rith liked it, too.

The Mark of Strife - Ares, son of Zeus, god of war, purred like a big house cat.
--The first fanfic I ever posted. It's a mega crossover between Hercules/Xena, Kung Fu, The Sentinel, and Highlander. Fun stuff! Slash me, baby!

All In Stars Went My Lover - It hurt. Oh, it wasn’t the “I’ve-just-been-beaten-by-a-pissed-off-monster” kind of hurt, but it still hurt. She’d known it would. That was sort of the point. Pain was good. It told you that you were still alive. She needed that. It had been a long time since she’d felt alive.
--My DC-future fic, featuring Arrowette.

Harmony - “I hate men.”
--Heh. Inspired by a camp song titled, oddly enough, Harmony. Such a misunderstood vampire!

Obsession - The dream started as it always did.
--My dandy of a fanfic based on the early 80's television version of The Incredible Hulk. The ramblings of an obsessed reporter...

Fire & Ice - Bobby Drake was tired.
--First fanfic ever. I started writing this before I even knew what fanfic was, way the heck back in middle school. Scary, no?

Steam - “That was great!”
--Sequel to the above and the fic I still get the most requests for.

Mountie at the Movies - “Ahem . . . So Fraser, wha’ did ya think?”
--Inspired by a rather bad movie.

The Purrfect Purple Playmate - “I hate you.”
--My Catwoman/Huntress fic. Ever noticed how a lot of the heroines and villianesses in Gotham wear purple?

The True Adventures of Xander Harris - Willow Rosenberg waved goodbye to her best friend as his car disappeared down the street.
--Xander's road trip after he blows up the school, where I have him meet characters from just about every fandom I like, from the kind of obscure to the really big.

Rough Edges - The party was in full swing.
--Co-written with the wonderful Bluepizza, where I wrote the Arsenal parts and she wrote the Nightwing parts.

Untitled - Bored, bored, bored. Strife was very, very bored.
--Ah yes, the love-potion-gone-awry story. Bliss is a bad little godling.

Slut of the Station - “So,” Kira asked, leaning eagerly toward Jadzia to hear her dish the latest dirt on DS9's best slut, “how did he finally manage to trip the Commander up? A full body exam? A mickie in his coffee? Strip baseball?”
--This one was actually nominated for an award in the Star Trek fandom. Cool, eh?

Therapy Session or The Story Where Deadpool Doesn't Kill Anybody! - My life’s a joke.
--A personal favorite. I LIKE Deadpool. He talks to me inside my head...

Tara's Monologue - Student. Witch. Lesbian.
--TOTALLY unrevealing opening, eh? This story officially has the strangest pairing I've ever written in it.

Um, I'm going to stop now. There are some more... but you really don't want to know about them...

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