The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

I have a brownie in my bag.

Today was Foodways Day in my Folklore class. Yay! I brought in Pink Salad and some people even actually tasted it. I'm stuffed right now. It was great. People brought in all their most cherished foods. Spicy Indian things, things wrapped in grape leaves, things with names I can't pronounce, hot things, cold things, things that should have been alcoholic but were not, cruncy and gooey things, food of every description and sort. FUN! And people told stories about why the dish they brought in was important to them. And we ate. A lot. I wish I hadn't had breakfast so I could have eaten more. Yummy. As one of my fellow classmates said, I'm sneaking in for this day next semster. Yes.

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