The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

Yay, more random poem fun! These were done for my story The Mark of Strife. They have their moments...

The battle ensued; nine against
the four
around the ancient Greek
for attention. It I need
your friend?
of the way
Gabrielle started to
communicate, oblivious to
stranger had a shallow cut and the
other esoteric
items. They going
to discuss. Peter had even
a tiger in Paris with a
different people
who they ran a shaman, who could
understand the others Auto
way down to
lip their swords Jim Ellison, his
helmet and Xena started to
Methos. himself angry at him in
the watched,
as she
is a wiggly puppy than
Methos kept his hands,
on chest and Peter Xena, who
sorry, He turned to blend.


The Tiger. returned.
In blood. I guess going
at Peter kicked out
of Kwai disappeared. In black.


The four Horsemen? had naturally sought out the
gem was
decidedly feral. But I see and three
as if you know chief. I
have to an enthusiastic victory dance every time later
on top it too? fast
and left, hand to beat again in some
basic instruction, but Richie
stared at his priestesses were
spilled out from the mists
of the
four men against her. staff with Jim
was struck
at Delphi told him so he
said, impatiently. all
established our chi.


The wall of war, appeared. “WHAT the past and
a few days as Blair how
do you end up Hello,
handsome! Are people who looked up
Halfway up around him Well of
the head Blair
When Jim looked at Blair. quite
a brief moment, later, I found out of his
hand Jim was startled to save the
younger mans bloody swath behind the
taller hands were actually seems to do.
now. sitting in
time I can sense
the shining man The
way At first time I know

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