The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

A gothic playroom populated by lightening.

I seriously might become obsessed over this random poem generator thingee. Heheheheheheheheh. I just did it for Neil Gaiman's online journal several times. heheheheheheheh....

Neil I wrote the 24th.
I learned,
and chatted to the librarybinding
issue recently raised inyour online
journal. everyday and it up,
to it on the
good way
of a lot
more plum trees
one I say But now about how much
fun and
wedding, on some of
a sense of this
week. of getting people booksellers,
librarians, teachers, know
a signing tour in, England I said. whoever was
standing next to post
this but...


Neil Gaiman 1:25 AM Top Steve Weiner, posted
by angels which plant this but...
happily keep seeing questions
like ...there are
a cinema, not quite upset...
to go across a fair
number 3 at the
channel, crank up my assistant Lorraine
went and deleted.
Several people can get nasty for your mouse over


Neil Gaiman will be seen as
she did and take
nothing felt like
a sense of people: Tell her parents,
but now meanwhile the people at the screen. posted
by the snotty one,
of a listing of what kind
of people: Tell them to give
the bookshop. asks
for things like, my impression,gone away
I learned, and deleted.Several people the
journal, Journal and
and so Mike,
my assistant Lorraine
went and I moved here, I
love Ireland. I know
what called, and
stop and
can, in moments, Coraline a bestseller list has just
American Gods that
you buy one, still earlier, but
they .

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