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Mark bought a Playstation 2. He couldn't resist the $100 decrease in the price and a free controller thrown in. He's been playing Devil May Cry, which is a TOTALLY kick-ass game! He rented the new Spider-Man game for me try, but I'm not sure I like it, the directional and looking controls are wonky. I can't wait for the new Tomb Raider game to come out. Lara gets to sneak up on people and break their necks! Woo hoo!

Spent some time with my my sisty's kids today. They're more interesting now that they're older. However, Mike is turning 9 in a week and that just makes ME feel old. Harumph.

I have to write a paper, do a t-test, and get my notes ready for finals tomorrow. I don't want to. *sigh* This burnout factor is a killer. My apathy has soared to new heights. I don't even want to go to summer school now, and I LIKE college. Weird. Oh well...
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