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People, people, stop writing fic where the Dark Lord wins, it's depressing me (this means YOU, Starkiller). And, please, if you're going to have Methos tortured and driven insane and then kill Duncan AND himself, give us a little warning! Yeesh! And stop raping Blair. Seriously. Poor Blair. And Xander (tigoldstein, *mutter mutter*...) and the Space Monkey are good without all the angst, too. And for godsakes, Bobby is NOT in denial! (And Trowa was not abused as a child while Duo wasn't was prostitute, Kowalski's daughter isn't dead, Lex isn't going to turn evil because Clark rejects him, Strife and Richie and Doyle aren't really dead, et cetera ad nauseum...)

I want happy, fluffy fic. Fluffy, fluffy! Happily ever after! Where Batman isn't a cold bastard and can accept Wonder Woman into his heart! Dammit! Where Tzusuki and Hisoka know for sure for sure that Muraki is finally really dead! And Victoria never ever comes back for Fraser! And Spidey and MJ get back together! And Tom and Harry live happily ever after, WITHOUT Akitrauma! And Sam goes home to Al!

Fluffy! I am The Girl Who Drank Pink and my sidekick is Fluffy!
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