The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

Just read Tom's band survey. I wasn't in band in high school, but I was in NJROTC. I want to remodel that survey for people who were in ROTC -- nerds of a whole different sort, because we were COOL, dammit. Alseides said on Monday that my urge to immediately change out of my RenFaire costume is left over from my days in ROTC. I was bad. I changed into my uniform right before class and then out of it right after instead of wearing it the whole day. Sometimes, I got in trouble for this if officers saw me, but I could usually duck when I saw them coming. After all, in a sea of SoCal jeans and tees, a Navy uniform is kind of hard to miss.

The questions about bus trips reminded me of boot camp and the academic competition. I hated boot camp. Hated hated hated. But... it's a nostalgic memory, even though I promised myself (and Al) that it wouldn't be. I think because I survived it. I also remember the camaradarie of people in ROTC. I mean, they may not have been my bestest friends, but we were pals and we took care of our own. And it was fun to hang out with Joanna and Marina and Sheri. Oh well.

Which era in time are you?

Yes, I think I was born too late. I want to be a flower-power protester child. Ah.

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