The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

Okay, yeah, I cheated. I actually got Legato first, then Wormwood... but I'm gonna be cosplaying Milly, so there!

I'm young at heart and love pudding. Don't

mistake my cheerfulness for immaturity

though, I'm stronger than I look.

Take the Trigun personality quizlet

Um, I should have actual content to this post, ne? Er...

I watched some of Akazukin Chacha. Cute, but not really my thing. (And it really IS very much like the Harry Potter books! Now I want a grand meeting of Harry, Tim Hunter, and Chacha/Holy Up for a big old wizards duel to see which adolescent magic user wins.)

Oh, and speaking of Tim, THANK YOU AGAIN LAURA!!! I really enjoyed the Books of Magic trade you sent me. I haven't watched the Monty Python yet. Psyching myself up for it, yep.

Shh, I've been bad. Haven't gone to work yet this week. But I will tomorrow! Work work work! (Sorry, Al, I asked and they said they wanted people with experience working on data sets in SPSS.) And I get my paycheque tomorrow. Rah! Erm, should be writing up my group paper for Child Psych. But I don't wanna. Also, have article due. Whatever. Boooooooooooorrrrrrrring class. Teacher lectures straight out of the book, quite literally. Don't like that.

In other news, I don't see how I can go to India and Nepal. Taking a semester off from school would be... bad. Yes, bad. I'm trying to convince myself of that. Need to talk to advisors. Don't care about scary nuclear threats, wanna go!!! *sigh*

My arm still hurts from the tetnus shot. And my skin is still puffy and red from the TB test.

I am also still unaccountably depressed. That is all.


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