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Read Trashy Book

Yes, my Strangers in Paradise calendar tells me that today is the day I'm supposed to read a trashy book. Well, I read two Star Trek novels, does that count? Hmmm, possibly not. I'll have to get out that horribly trashy gay porn novel I found at the library on my last trip. Seriously, it's the trashiest thing I've ever read. I haven't gotten but a few pages in and I'm already giggling over the loving descriptions of the male form and the not-so-erotic sex. Sex with blood, as it's about a gay vampire. So, so trashy! I don't think I can read it.

But my two Trek novels were fun. They're old favorites. "Black Fire" by Sonni Cooper is a great Spock-centric book. Spock becomes the tragically romantic outcast pirate, Black Fire! Okay, that actually sounds kind of trashy. Er... But the other wasn't trashy. Really! "Ishmael" by Barbara Hambly has Spock tortured and losing his memory while lost in time. Nope, not trashy at all!

Anyway, sometimes it's fun to read Star Trek novels. They're usually books you can devour in only a few hours and while many of them are just so-so, some are actually quite good. Light reading in a familiar and comfortable universe. And they're almost like fanfic!

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