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Carpets were cleaned today. Socks wet, feet cold, can't sleep because all my crap is piled on my bed, grrr. I don't want to deal with it. Maybe I'll sleep on the couch tonight...

Practically slept through Child Psych today. Wow, I never thought a psychology class could be boring. I think it's the professor's fault. She's nice and all, but I don't like her teaching style. Watched stuff about developmentally disabled mothers and stuff about autistics. Anyway, tomorrow is the final and last day of class. Rah.

I looked up my grades with one of my co-workers. She was rather impressed. So was I, actually. But I'm sad that my A has been diluted with an icky minus sign in Statistical Methods of Psychological Research. Bah!

I'm going to be co-author for one of the papers my lab is presenting at the next WPA conference! Just have to run some statistics and help with the researching. It's a great opportunity for an undergrad such as myself.

Did my research assistant thing today. Spent WAY too much time in the library searching for references. Up the escalators, down the escalators, up the escalators, down the escalators, whee! Found three of the books and two of the journal articles I need for the grad student I'm working for at the moment. Anyway, I had to order some of the references I need from storage, some from different campuses. Put a search out on a book that the computer says was there but my eyes say wasn't. Library Guy told me there hadn't been any activity on that book in five years, so their chances of actually finding it are slim to none and would I care to have a mint? (I almost wrote "put a hit out"...)

I think my brain fried in the stacks. Poing!

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