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the drugs are starting to kick in finally

Yesterday was "be lazy today" day. I was and I wasn't. I didn't get any work done, but I wasn't exactly lazy. Went to Ojai with my father. Our usual thing, but I gave him a card for Father's Day. We went to Bart's Books and Sea Fresh. Also, Sam came over to play with all of the fairies. We took her home late then went to the California Pizza Kitchen for dinner. From Sea Fresh on I had a totally rotten headache, peaking at about 7pm yesterday. It's finally starting to go away. So, why if I have a headache am I sitting at my computer at this godforsaken time in the morning? Well, I usually sleep away headaches but lying down hurt this time. Eh, whatever, I'm okay as long as I don't, like, MOVE.

Went to see The Artist Formerly Known As Alseides on Saturday. We practiced the fine art of novenusho and then did a joint session of kemari. Lovely. Never fear, I shall post to Divination in the Darkness soon.

Oh, "D"? That cool Harry Potter story I was telling you about? Here it is! Wish I'd written it, I do. Very cool premise, great pairing, wonderful detail. Go read it! Oh, and my Draco/Ron story that I've been tormenting you with for the last month or so? I've finally got the ending. Now I just have to write the dang thing. Heh.

Ooooooh, look, there goes Deadpool...!

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