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cloudtrader's Journal

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The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

Geek and pop culture enthusiast. Wears too much black, but hates make-up, so has little "goth cred." Allergic to bunnies, nickel, and soy. Collects painted fans, dolls, and books (mostly books). Thumb so black her friends made her a felt plant rather than subject another poor plant to her care. Sometimes a teacher, always a student. Reads too much fanfic, plays too much LOTRO, and consumes too much tea with honey.

This is me. Or rather, the me I am today. Tomorrow I'll be another me.
alien nation, american mcgee's alice, anne mccaffrey, anthropology, archeology, arwen, babylon 5, baseball, batman, black books, bordertown, cannonball, celtic knots, cerberus project, cibo matto, clamp, cloud-watching, comics, costuming, creation, cultures, dancing under the moon, daredevil, darkover, dc comics, deadpool, deities, dollfie, doujinshi, dragons, dreams, due south, elementary, elizabeth moon, elves, ethnology, evil hello kitty, fanfic, fans, fantasy, finder, folklore, forever knight, fruits basket, gap of rohan, glow worms, green lantern, gundam wing, harry potter, highlander, human factors engineering, iceman, initial d, japanese snacks, jla, joan watson, john watson, junko mizuno, kindred, kodocha, laurell k hamilton, linguistics, lotro, luts dolls, magical truthsaying bastard spidey, malkavians, marion zimmer bradley, martian manhunter, marvel comics, mercedes lackey, mermaid saga, mmorpgs, mutants, mythology, neil gaiman, nightwalker, nightwing, oracle, origami, paradise kiss, people, peter david, philosophy, photography, pirates, ps238, psychology, psychometry, quantum leap, reading, really sharp knives, renaissance faire, robert heinlein, robin, role playing games, sand painting, science fiction, seaquest, severus snape, sheba, sherlock holmes, single gun theory, snakes, sociology, spider jerusalem, spider-man, star trek, star wars, stargate, static shock, storytelling, strangers in paradise, studio ghibli, super dollfie, superheroes, superstition, sweet coron, tamora pierce, tarot, tattoos, terry moore, tesl, the dc crack dictionary, the sandman, the sentinel, thrill kill kult, tomb raider, valdemar, vibrolux, view askew, volks dolls, warren ellis, webcomics, whimsy, wonder woman, writing, wufei, x-men, young justice

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